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Whatever I've decided to throw at you...
In an effort to jump start the minds of those with original fan characters, or those who are thinking about creating original fan characters, here is an entire week of prompts.  These prompts are to get you, the creators, started thinking about your OCs and how they interact with the Xiaolin world.  While you do not have to create a work for each day, the practice of thinking about how your character would react in the described scenarios should help you to understand them a little more.

Please tag your pieces with #XiaolinOCAwarenessWeek, or #XiaolinOC, or both so they can be shared to the Monk Eon tumblr for others to see!  After all, where’s the fun in creating OCs if you can’t fangasm about them with others?

Below are prompts for artists and writers for each day of the week.

Day One:  Hello World!

The first thing most will learn about your OC is their appearance.  This is how most people recognize each other and give a first impression.  But what about that top and bottom is unique to your character?

  • Artists: draw your OC in their normal clothes or robes.  Label a few key components of their everyday wear that no outfit or ensemble is complete without, or explain the sentimental importance behind one piece of clothing.
  • Writers: describe a life event or experience that heavily influences your OC’s appearance, or have your OC monologue about why they wear the type of clothes they do.

Day Two: How Do You Feel?

Now that you understand how your OC looks, it is time to see how they interact with and react to the environment around them.  Is the world a place of wonder, or a void filled with nothing but boredom, or a never-ending nightmare of torment, or even a little bit of each?  How much of an emotional roller coaster does your OC experience in a day?

  • Artists: there are said to be twenty-five essential expressions. Pick the four or five that your OC expresses most often and draw them. For an extra challenge try to convey those same emotions with just body language.
  • Writers: have your OC talk about a time where they felt something new that they had never felt before, or tell a story around such an event.

Day Three: You are Not Alone

While not all OCs are human, most creatures crave company of some sort at one point or another.  Everybody has at least one friend or person that calms them down almost immediately.  Why not your OC?

  • Artists: draw your OC with their best friend(s), or family, or doing something that helps to calm them down after a tough day of OCing.
  • Writers: does your OC have any regrets, or have they made any mistakes–big or small?  Write about the events that lead up to these mistakes or about what causes such regrets.  If your OC has no regrets, have them talk about someone they would like to meet in the future.

Day Four:  OHHHHHH!  We’re Halfway There

Congratulations on making it this far!  You should be proud of yourself.  Since we are at an in-between stage, why not investigate your OC in transit through life?  Keep in mind that ‘moving forward’ isn’t always an immediate or obvious thing.

  • Artists: your OC is en route to a new [and exotic] location that they’ve never been to before.  How do they pass the time while traveling such a long distance?
  • Writers: investigate your OC’s family life by having them talk about their siblings, parents, or extended family.   If your OC has no family, either have them monologue about their feelings surrounding the concept of family, or talk about their desire to have–or not have–a family.

Day Five: It’s like Looking into a Mirror

Perception is a fallible thing.  It is contingent upon one’s experiences, ideals, and morals, and even the society one is raised in.  “I am what I believe others think I am,” to quote Charles Horton Cooley.

  • Artists: fandoms tend to misinterpret characters and blow certain traits WAY out of proportion.  Draw a misinterpreted “fandom” version of your OC versus how they actually are.  For an extra challenge draw them meeting each other.  Alternately draw a version of your OC that has had their dominant Chi taken away.
  • Writers: have your OC describe how they think they come across to the world.  Their perception is not always reliable, and these inconsistencies should reveal the character’s true nature.  Alternately write a scene or scenario where your OC’s perception of the world is wrong and lands them in trouble.

Day Six: That isn’t Canon, but This is!

Time is a fluid thing, although most don’t think of it that way.  We are all able to transport ourselves backwards and forwards in time by switching between memories of the past, this moment of the present, or by looking towards the future.  What happens when your OC is projected through time?

  • Artists: draw a version of your OC from the past, near future, or distant present.  Does your OC age gracefully, or attain eternal youth?  Were they a cute kid, or a potato pearl?
  • Writers: write about a childhood memory of your OC’s, or their hopes and dreams for the future, or a version of your OC that has not yet come to pass.

Day Seven (Final): Only 994 More to Go!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single footstep.   Through the course of this week you have hopefully taken one or more of those steps.  Now is the time to keep moving forward.  Don’t look back!  You haven’t gained enough distance for perspective just yet.

  • Artists: draw your OC however you want, now that you know them a little better, or struggling to do something in their daily life, like getting that perfect eyeliner wing, or doing a single back flip, or failing to suplex a boulder just because they can.
  • Writers: either write freely about your OC, or write about the events after a particularly difficult struggle (can be emotional or physical).  Try not to mention the events of the struggle directly, but focus on how your OC has (hopefully) changed because of this struggle (or not changed).


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It doesn't matter when you finish.  Just take your time and do the best job you can.  Life happens.  Stay positive.  =)

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I'm glad that I was able to help you out a lot.
I don't really see it as a favor that needs repaying, but I would love to work with you on a collaboration!  Would you be fine with creating the drawing and me inking it, or coloring it, or both?

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A collaboration art piece is where two or more artists work together (or collaborate) to create a single piece.
For example, one artist will sketch the artwork, another will color the piece.  The process is somewhat dependent on whether or not the artists involved have similar artistic processes.  Simply put, the artists involved in the collaboration need to have similar steps to making their artwork.  Does that clarify things for you?
Regardless, please tell me about the steps you take to creating your artwork.

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